Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Homemade Brush Holder & 2 Paintings, Framed

When i first started to paint, i had a lot of trouble figuring out what to do with brushes that were loaded with paint, but that i didn't want to clean until i was done with them. i tried the classic hold-them-in-your-hand with your palette, but kept crashing into the walls (yup - my other studio spaces were that small!), getting the paint from one brush onto the next, &/or dropping them on the floor. a friend gave me an art supplies catalog, & in it i saw the answer to my problem - a brushholder! trouble was - it was too expensive, especially with shipping. so i kept schmeering paint on the walls & picking cat hair off the bristles as i painted.

Sometime later, my son tossed out an old lamp he had. It had a curved plastic shade - & looked just like the brushholder to me! i salvaged the shade & explained what i wanted to my son. he taught me how to use his dremel tool with the sander attachment, and i made little scoops in the shade to hold the brushes. (if you do this be careful - it can really get away from you fast!) i made one of the scoops larger for bigger brushes.

then he heated up his hot glue gun (i can't use glues myself because of the chemical sensitivities), and glued the shade to a piece of wood i'd found floating around the garage. (you can find virtually anything in my garage - in fact, i believe if you look hard enough you'll find the engine for a 1986 subaru somewhere - or is it an '84?)

the scoops were a little slippery for the ferrules of the brushes, so he lightly coated the inside of the cups with a bit of rubber cement.

this works incredibly well - you can see it in action below. you just rest the brushes bristle-end in - it keeps them secure, separated, and off any surfaces you don't want coated in paint! if you can find anything that would work, i'd suggest doing this.

in other news: the two paintings (blue & brown couches) i had at the local gallery haven't sold, so tomorrow i'm going to bring him these two, & see if he'll take 'em. maybe folks'll like these better!!

thanks for stopping by - take care till next time!



  1. It always feels good when you come up with your own solution to a problem doesn't it!

  2. yup - especially a cheap solution! it's so handy, i had been thinking abt making it out of heavy cardboard w/ a coating of some sort (which now i'd prob do w/ shellac)!

  3. A very clever solution to the brush problem! I've been searching for the perfect brush holder for years (they always roll off my palette). Hmmm.... a new idea!

  4. i'm glad this was helpful! it helps me keep straight which brush has which color on it too. say, if you make one, would you post it over on your blog? be cool to see what you come up with! & thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks for all of your comments Dusty. Your blog is a cool one. I enjoy the inventive geometry on this piece.

  6. thank you! it's fun to do but nerve-wracking to present my efforts in public!

  7. Excellent idea! I never know where to put my dirty brushes and then they end up falling into paint at some point, and then I end up with paint on me. This might inspire me to make something that will help.

  8. thank you! i have to warn you tho - i still get paint all over me - & my clothes - by the time it takes me to take the brush from the canvas to the brush holder!


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