Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cherries - Finished!

i'm happy with them! here it is (i know - the suspense was getting to me too - like an old-fashioned cliff-hanger!):

i don't have any process photos, but i do have two close-ups of each set of cherries, so you can see the little areas the stems come out from and the stems, which are what i did today:

the stems were very hard for me - my hands shake (i think it's genetic; my dad & son have it too) & i needed to use goodly blobs of paint for them so it would lay on top of the previous, still wet, paint without picking up the reds & purples. but it turned out i needed to q-tip only two of them!

at first i used my trusty 0 sable filbert, but it lay down too thick a line. then i tried the long edge of the 4 flat sable & that worked well. i also used both those brushes to do all the details of the little petal-type things at the stems' bases, as well as adjust the colors of the main cherry. i realized, once the stem was on it, that i'd not gotten the colors right to indicate the cherry's roundness in the center and the shadowing on its lower left, and also that the highlights had to be crisper.

i submitted it to rookiepainter & it's up already! the other paintings are really wonderful! and such a range of interpretations! check it out here:

i'm looking forward to the next challenge! it was an interesting experience, developing the picture while others watched, not knowing if i could do it or not! i'm really glad i did, tho!

next up for me? i have a photo of a dog i want to try (haven't painted animals yet!) - but a much smaller format - 4" square! can i paint that tiny with my shaky hands? can i do fur at all? will it even look like a dog?! stay tuned!

thank you all for stopping by & for your great support! and if you have any critiques, please let me know - all responses are very welcome!

till next time - take care -



  1. Very nice, Dusty. I really like the crop job. I also like the simplistic strokes and colors. I look forward to following along on your artistic journey.

  2. thank you! i think i really am developing a 'style' - i just never realized it!

  3. I think you did a great job on painting the cherries and the composition is different I think allowing the top of the cherries to line up with the horizon is distracting, maybe have them either above or below it. You may want to add some cast shadow on the table just to ground them. Take care.


  4. thank you! i thought quite a bit abt placing the horizon there & still not too sure abt it - in 'real life' three of the cherries do show that they're very slightly above the horizon - and thank goodness for that stem on the right-most cherry! and indeed, the shadows show better, too, tho i deliberately made 'em paler to give them an about-to-float-off-the-canvas feel. (i'm still learning to take photos, alas!)

  5. I loved seeing this in progress. The finished painting looks great!

    I also checked out Rookie Painter, and wow! It's fascinating to see the different interpretations and the different techniques. I have always enjoyed creative writing to a specific prompt for that reason, and used to enjoy doing the timed challenges, from an hour to a week, because it reins you in and makes you get to work! You can get 100 stories and they may share elements, but they're vastly different and it's fascinating to see what other people come up with. This looks exciting for artists for much of the same reasons.

    I'm so glad you're getting into the challenges and really committing time to painting. And I look forward to the next in-progress painting!

  6. thank you, you! i'm having a lot of fun blogging & painting more regularly (as long as my health holds!)! i'm always amazed at the results of the challenges - so much imagination, creativity, & talent!

    "I look forward to the next in-progress painting" the pressure! the pressure!!


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