Saturday, July 10, 2010

holy smokes i sold a painting!!

hi there!

i had some pretty exciting news today & i wanted to share it with you - i sold a painting! it was at a local gallery, and was bought just yesterday!

here it is - Three Oranges!

it was painted in response to this challenge

the first one from rookiepainter.

this is the reference photo

and this is how i cropped it!

i deliberately cropped it so that there was little but the oranges for a couple of reasons. one - it was three days before the deadline when i discovered the challenge so i needed to get it smaller! and, i needed something that would work well composition-wise in a small format (it's 5"x7", on canvas). i find that, with my health, the most i can paint at a time is two hours, so i knew i had a total of 6 hours to finish it!

unfortunately i don't have any process photos for this one (i was painting too fast to take 'em!). i started with a canvas that had been toned in cadmium yellow light (it was fully dry when i began) in hopes that'd help set off the blue & also brighten the oranges. then i used charcoal to sketch in the placement of the oranges and worked the background in prussian blue (i find i tend to get the background in first, then work on the center of interest). i also tend to use transparents for the backgrounds & shadows of still lifes, and opaques for the objects & center of interest. this helps the background go back & everything else come forward - and i'm always surprised when that really works!

after that, i got the oranges where i wanted them (working from the shadow to the light after applying a middle-value orange overall), then worked some ultramarine blue in to brighten some of the background & help the eye move around the painting. whew!!

gotta say, it makes me wanna do more challenges! and - i can now say i'm collected throughout the state!! (well, i've sold two and they're in two different cities . . . ! who knows - 'oranges' may even end up outta state - makes it national, no?!!)

hope you enjoyed seeing this one - i'll miss it!

till next time (which will be about my studio!) - take care!



  1. Congrats on the sale! I like the simplicity and the cropping choices!

  2. thank you! still feeling my way thru these first steps, but enjoying it so much!

  3. Peintures et aventuresJuly 12, 2010 at 11:28 AM

    Beautifully done.Very simple subject but i like the dramatic result. Thanks for sharing,Helen.

  4. thank you! i've decided to do this month's rookiepainter challenge too - again, almost at the last minute!

  5. thank you! i admire your painting so much, it means a lot to me!


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