Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cherries - Initial Sketch-In

hi there!

whew! got the initial sketch-in done for the rookiepainter challenge (due the 19th!). this is how i cropped the picture for this month:

it took me 2 hours - & i'm exhausted! (hmmm . . . wonder if i could figure out how to paint laying down instead of sitting?!!) so i will just post the final initial sketch-in i did, and, hopefully tomorrow, i can post a few more pics & talk more about the process i went thru to get here:

this was a really interesting experience! first there's my usual trepidation about starting a painting (the way i put it in a twitter post was, "have to stop thinking of the blank canvas as sacred space whose purity i'll mar with a single stroke!"). then there was knowing that i wanted to post this stage - before i know what the final painting will look like! all those fears . . . what if i can't do it? what if it comes out terrible? etc etc!

but i just decided that the best way to learn - and for me to demonstrate learning - is to, well, just do it & see what happens!

thanks for checking in - take care!



  1. Oh my, Dusty! Your workspace is waaay too clean, but I look forward to seeing what that kind of space will do for the artist working it.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog....p.s. I love your avatar!

  2. *giggles!* i really am a bit obsessive - but at least i don't actually soap-wash my palette after each use - too often! thank you re the pic - i always felt this was the real me!

  3. so true! i'm looking forward to your progress. fighting fear and plowing through is the ticket. the fear is only in our own minds, created by the ego to keep us prisoner. we have the key! paint on! i'm inspired.

  4. love the cherries image, the way you cropped it.

  5. thank you, suzanne! it really was somewhat overwhelming but then i thought, ah well, i'm here to demonstrate what it looks like as one is learning!! it also helps that i've read a number of painters who've said they have hundreds if not thousands of failed paintings!

  6. thanks, rachel! it's a big canvas for me, but i wanted to try it! (am secretly planning to do an even bigger one soon! at this rate, i may need to buy more white!)


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